Mountain Resident Sticker Program is Back!

01/17/2017 12:32 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

Your Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the return of a long-dormant program.  Thanks to our fantastic board member Harry Spyrka and Fort Tejon CHP, the Chamber's 'mountain resident' sticker program is back! 

Rearview mirror hang tags have been ordered and will be for sale at participating member businesses. Proceeds are reinvested in the community. 

Residents will be able to purchase hang tags with proof of local residency.  Displaying the hang tag on the rearview mirror will allow the CHP to quickly identify residents and wave them through chain checkpoints.  This will help keep traffic flowing better on snow days.

Updates to come as soon as the tags get here - shipping time estimate is 1 week.

If you are a Chamber member and would like the resident tags available for purchase at your business, please contact me for details on this member benefit.  

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