Traffic Safety Update for the weekend of January 21 2017

01/19/2017 3:59 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

This winter has been a wild ride, with more snow visitors than ever.  The huge increase in visitors combined with limited parking areas, has resulted in some serious public safety concerns.  

Supervisor Couch has been working on this, and a plan for traffic associated with this weekend's expected snowstorm has been developed.  Here is the latest update as received from Ryan Shultz:

Friends of the Mountain Communities,

Supervisor Couch would like to share an update with you on the ongoing efforts to provide traffic safety to your community during snow events.

In preparation for this weekend Supervisor Couch met with CHP, USFS, Assistant Director of Public Works, and the Director of Public Works/ Road Commissioner to discuss the possibility of adding additional traffic and public safety measures.

Supervisor Couch's budget will fund one additional CHP Officer (and car) to service the mountain communities this Saturday and Sunday. 

At the request of the CHP, Supervisor Couch's budget will fund two Public Works employees to assist the CHP at the two traffic/chain check locations for this Saturday and Sunday.  These two employees will help the flow of traffic and ensure the safety of residents and visitors traveling along Frazier Mountain Park Road/Cuddy Valley Road.

The CHP has a strong opinion on where the traffic/chain checks should be located on Frazier Mountain Park Road/Cuddy Valley Road.  CHP believes a chain check near the Flying J and/or Frazier Park will cause serious traffic issues on I-5.  This would compound existing traffic issues on I-5 and public roadways.

Electronic message boards will be moved east of Frazier Park to alert motorists to traffic delays and chain requirements. 

Trash bins and portable toilets will remain in place on Cuddy Valley Road, the Y, and along Mt. Pinos Road.  Bins have been emptied and portable toilets have been serviced.

All of the involved agencies will continue to collaborate and address your concerns.  We are finding that some measures are working and other aren't.  In the future a public meeting will be held to provide you a detailed list of each agencies efforts thus far and hear from you on what worked and what didn't. 

Supervisor Couch would like to thank the agencies and especially thank the federal, state, and local government employees who are responding to your concerns and safety issues.

Stay safe this weekend.  We appreciate your feedback and patience.

Take care,


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