• 07/15/2016 9:01 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    The Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Program is an important component in our region's tourism and economic development.  There are some possible changes coming to the structure of this program and MCCOC member California Trail Users Coalition has forwarded a summary and call to action.

    Below is the message exactly as received from the California Trail Users Coalition:

    Call to Action: Save California's OHV Program

    The California State Park’s Transformation Team’s Recommendations have been released and within is this alarming statement about the state’s highly successful OHV program:

    The current organization structure separates these important recreation services from the rest of the services provided by the department. Visitors would be better served by fully integrating these services into the rest of the department.

    What would this mean? It would mean an end to the Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Division of State Parks.

    First, this division exclusively manages the extremely popular State Vehicular Recreation Areas (SVRAs). Second, it administers the all-important Grants and Cooperative Agreements Program which “provides for well managed off-highway vehicle recreation in the State of California by providing financial assistance to agencies and nonprofit entities.

    This Grants Program supports the planning, acquisition, development, maintenance, administration, operation, enforcement, restoration, and conservation of trails, trailheads, areas, and other facilities associated with the use of off-highway motor vehicles, and programs involving off-highway motor vehicle safety or education.” Without this Grants Program, OHV recreation in California would quickly become unsustainable.

    Many CTUC affiliates rely on the annual grants program to provide funding for education, signing, trail improvements, vault toilet maintenance and instillation, and campsite maintenance and much, much more. Stewards of the Sequoia alone performed 83% of ALL trail maintenance in Sequoia National Forest using OHV Grant funds. This is a trend repeated in National Forests across the state of California.

    What makes the California OHV Grants program unique is that it is ENTIRELY USER FUNDED. All funds come from green and red sticker registrations, fuel taxes, and entry fees charged at SVRAs. This ensures that funds collected from OHV users are put directly back into providing riding opportunities across the state of California.

    This latest threat to recreation opportunity requires an immediate and forceful response from the OHV community. The Motor Vehicle Recreation Division MUST be preserved and kept separate!

    What can you do?

    First, visit SaveCaliforniaOHV.org today. There you can message the decision makers to make your voice heard.

    Secondly, on July 19th in Sacramento, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. there will be a public open-house held. It is critical that as many riders and their families and friends attend this meeting as possible. California State Parks must be forced to acknowledge that the motivation behind folding the OHV program into California State Parks has nothing to do with better serving visitors and everything to do with attempting to take advantage of what they see as “easy money” to be used toward non-OHV interests.

    Please take a moment to ACT NOW. Do NOT allow California State Parks to put an end to this vital program.

    Meeting: The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., July 19 at the Resources Building Auditorium, 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Agenda.


  • 07/01/2016 7:53 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    You may have noticed some activity at Frazier Mountain Park this week.  This is the result of months of planning, discussion and collaboration between the Friends of Frazier Mountain Park and Kern County.  

    After a job walk through the park in May, the County has jumped in to replace some trash cans, broken barbeque pits, and picnic benches.  There are other projects taking place this week, including replacing the swingset and metal bridge on one of the play structures.  

    We would like to thank the members of our Friends of Frazier Mountain Park team and several people with Kern County for listening to the concerns and taking an active role.  This includes Supervisor David Couch, field representative Ryan Shultz, Robert Lerude (Parks & Recreation Director), and Jeff Frapwell (General Services Assistant County Administrative Officer).  They have all spent a lot of time moving these projects forward and their efforts are very much appreciated.

    More is in store, so keep your eyes on the park!

  • 07/01/2016 6:55 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)
    On June 30th two of your Chamber board members, Debbie Turner and Rachel Unell got together with Dennis Turner and three youth volunteers from the Law Enforcement Leadership Academy.  

    They spent their morning removing trash and weeds from the visitor's kiosk in Lebec at the corner of Frazier Mountain Park Road and Ralphs Ranch Road.  It was noted that the touchscreen display managed by the Kern County Board of Trade is not working, so that will be followed up on as soon as possible.

    The crew moved across the street to wash the Chamber message board.  The temperature started to skyrocket, so one side of the board was washed and the group decided to save the other side for another day.  It was a fun morning!

    If you would like to help clean up the community, join us for the "Frazier Proud" Clean Up Day on July 23rd!  


  • 06/06/2016 10:01 PM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    © Can Stock Photo Inc. / philipimage

    Selfies are no longer the domain of duck-faced teenaged girls. (That’s not an insult. It’s a description. Google it.) They’re gaining in popularity among adults and businesses too. Selfies are a way of showing customers and potential customers a “behind the scenes” look at your business. They also are an effective way of telling your business story.

    In addition to selfies, photo bombs can be lots of fun as they are extremely shareable content. Photo bombs start off as portraits, similar to selfies, but the person in the foreground is upstaged by what’s going on behind him/her.

    Here are 5 types of selfies/photo bombs you should take for your business and post to your social streams:

    Your History

    A selfie of the business owner in front of something historic about the business or the year it opened. Good ideas include standing in front of an old picture of the business from way back when, standing in front of a former owner’s portrait, or the first dollar made in the business. If you founded the business yourself, recreate a picture of you taken when you first opened and display them side by side.

    What Makes You Unique (and the same)

    This picture is all about showcasing your personality but remember it is for business as well. Try taking a shot in front of a favorite collection or hobby, a picture of you in your favorite spot in town, or you enjoying your favorite meal.

    When you post it ask a question of your audience, so while it appears to be about you, you are opening it up to a greater connection with them. Have fun with it. For example, taking a picture of you in the morning with your coffee/favorite mug. The caption could read, “You should’ve seen me before I had my first cup. Anyone else unapproachable before their morning coffee?”

     You and Your Right Hand

    Not literally.

    This selfie is a picture of you and the person (or people) who helps you beyond measure. It could be someone who works for you, or a vendor partner, your entire team, or your best customer. The point of this selfie is anything but self-serving. Show some appreciation on a grand level. Mention how thankful you are for that person in the post.

    Answer the Most Common Question Asked of Your Business

    This selfie is a unique way of answering the most commonly-asked question you hear in your business. For instance, if you are always asked your hours take a picture of yourself Vanna White style showcasing your open sign and listing your hours. Make it funny and you’re more apt to see shares.

    Show the Busy-ness

    This idea is more of a photo bomb than a selfie but sneak up on your employees hard at work, or sneak into a meeting and take a picture of yourself with them in the background.

    The key to this shot is the caption you use when posting it. Something funny like, “This team is always hard at work, regardless of what I’m doing.”, makes people laugh. Let’s face it, people identify with jokes about hard-working employees and their bosses.

    Selfies and photo bombs lend a humorous air to your social media shares. They delight your audience and show a fun side of your business.

    All social media posts should either educate, entice, or entertain. With selfies you have the last one covered brilliantly.

    Christina R. Green teaches small businesses, chambers and associations how to connect through content. Her articles have appeared in the Midwest Society of Association Executives’ Magazine, NTEN.org, AssociationTech, and Socialfish. She is a regular blogger at Frankjkenny.com and Memberclicks.

    She’s just a bookish writer on a quest to bring great storytelling to organizations everywhere.


  • 06/01/2016 9:26 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)
    It's time for the annual dance recital extravaganza!  In the Wings Studio of Dance is proud to present "Rhythm Nation", a dazzling display of the dance students hard work over the past six months.  

    Show tickets are now available for purchase at the studio.  This is an amazingly popular show so be sure to get your ticket in advance.  There is a seating limit in the auditorium, so if you don't have a ticket in advance you aren't guaranteed a seat.

    Get your tickets at In the Wings Studio of Dance, located at 3524 Mt. Pinos Way in Frazier Park.  The studio is open by 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

    There are two show dates - June 17 and 18th at El Tejon School in Lebec. 

  • 06/01/2016 8:41 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    (Drumroll please.......)  Introducing "Mobile Minute"!  

    Through a partnership with social media and digital marketing specialist Norma Davey, we are bringing you short educational videos.  They will teach you how to increase your business reach through your social media accounts and website.  

    New videos will be uploaded regularly.  Our YouTube channel currently includes:

    • How to Reach New Audiences on Facebook and Twitter
    • How to Get More Reach with Instagram
    • How to Stand Out with Customized Social Media Images
    • Getting Reach and Engagement from the Cloud

    You can access the videos by logging in to your account on the Chamber website.  Go to "Our Chamber", hover your mouse cursor over the "Members Area"  and click "Members Only Content".  You'll be able to access links to all the videos there.  

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

  • 06/01/2016 8:28 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    A big Thank You to all our wonderful members who renewed their membership in May! 

    • Center of the World Festival
    • John Dyer, General Contractor
    • Mone Aviation Office Complex
    • Tri County Watchdogs

    Your support of the Chamber of Commerce helps us achieve our mission to be a regional leader; fostering collaboration and building partnerships!

  • 05/26/2016 10:51 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    The Visitors Kiosk in Lebec was a project started by a group of volunteers in the Mountain Communities, with support from the Kern County Board of Trade.  Unfortunately, the project seemed to have fallen by the wayside after completion.  Your Chamber of Commerce has taken on this asset and is working to clean it up.  

    The electrical connections to the display cases have been brought up to code.  We spent quite a bit of time cleaning the site (trash dumping is a continual issue), and one of the three tall posts around the Condor statue had fallen.  One post was about to fall, and the other was starting to lean.  This was obviously a very dangerous scenario.  

    (before photo - showing downed post)

    Not knowing who the contractor on the project was, I sent out a call for help.  You may have even seen a request for quotes in two of our previous newsletters.  

    I would like to extend a big thank you to Bret Haney and Kern County General Services for their quick action.  Even though this project was not their responsibility, a crew was sent out almost immediately.  The two remaining posts were taken down, post holes filled, and damaged chain link fence was put back into place.  

    (after photo - posts removed and post holes filled)

    Clean up work is continuing so it becomes a nice place for visitors to stop and get area information.  We will also be sending out a request for bids for regular trash removal service in the future.

    If any of our members are hosting events or festivals, and would like their event posters placed in the display cases, please contact us via email board@mymountainchamber.com or call 245-1212.  We're happy to help promote your event. 

  • 05/26/2016 9:42 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.  This year, Memorial Day is May 30.

    Saturday May 28

    The Annual Ridge Route Run Car Show takes place in downtown Frazier Park starting at 10 am.  

    There are several community benefit activities along with the car show, including a Veterans Memorial Walk through town.  Trophies will be given for the most patriotic parade entries.

    Sunday May 30

    South Kern Cemetery is holding a Memorial Day service from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.  Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez with the speaker and the service includes a color guard and the dedication of two memorial benches to 10 service men killed in action in Vietnam.

    Location: South Kern Cemetery, 15543 S. Vineland Road, Bakersfield, CA 93307

    The VFW 9791 will host a Memorial Day observance at the Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial in Frazier Mountain Park starting at 11:00 am.  UPDATE:  This event has been cancelled.  The Chamber of Commerce encourages community members to visit the memorial for a moment of silence.
    Location:  Cody Prosser Memorial at Frazier Mountain Park, 3801 Park Drive, Frazier Park, CA 93225

    The "National Moment of Remembrance" takes place at 3 pm local time.  This is a time for all Americans "to voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a Moment of remembrance and respect, pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to Taps."

  • 05/18/2016 9:38 AM | Rachel Unell (Administrator)

    Carolyn Gilbert of Carolyn's Creation, has added a new venture as a coach with Fun Stamper's Journey.  In addition to her beautiful line of handmade cards, and scrapbooking/crafting meetups, her clients can now purchase craft supplies such as stamps, inks, cardstock and more!

    Check out these great supplies here: http://www.funstampersjourney.com/CarolynGilbert

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